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Why Timeless?

The team here at Timeless CBD saw a gap in the industry between affordability and quality that we could fill with enough time and effort. Now, we strive to make hemp-derived CBD products that are of the highest quality while still at a price our growing community can afford.
ALL our CBD products are carefully, meticulously handcrafted in our state-of-the-art facility in Southington, CT. Every batch of our products is sent to a third-party lab for rigorous testing, going above and beyond regulations to meet our own Timeless CBD Company Standards. Then, our products are packaged with perfection and sent off to you, our lovely customers.
We demand the quality you deserve so you don’t have to. At Timeless, we take every step possible to meet everyone’s needs through the power of one of our hemp-derived products.

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Social Distancing Getting You Down?

Social Distancing Getting You Down?

If social distancing and/or being quarantined is starting to wear on your nerves or mental health these days, you're not alone. The sudden and drastic change has turned everyone's lives upside-down. Whether you are staying at home or off exploring,...

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Team Timeless

Team Timeless

Just a quick thought on this #SelfCareSunday as we navigate through the coronavirus pandemic. It is an uncharted and scary time for us all. Despite the fear and uncertainty, we must try to stay positive. Our communities are made of businesses...

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Anxiety, Stress & CBD

The majority of people in the country are feeling extra stressed and anxious with the coronavirus pandemic. Those who already suffer from stress and anxiety, are having an even harder time making it through each day. Between being quarantined, some being sick,...

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