Formula 50 CBD Freeze

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With up to 1000mg CBD packed into a container of our powerful freeze cream formula, you can look forward to soothing localized discomfort and alleviating other problem areas across the body.

 Packing a punch with more than just CBD, you’re looking at the other beneficial hemp compounds in the extract, like minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and more, as well as the cooling effect of menthol.

 The formulation of CBD, menthol, and other key ingredients makes it perfectly geared to penetrate deep into the skin and provide relief where it truly counts. It works hard to sink past the epidermis and into the dermis, absorbing and moisturizing even those places that are hard to reach.

Fast-acting with no greasy residue, it’s one of the most popular topicals we see our community taking on the go for when they need it most. Cold therapy has its own benefits, so when combining that power with CBD we get a force to be reckoned with in one convenient topical product.

Try our CBD Freeze cream today to see if it’s the type of hemp product you’ve been searching for!

Directions for Use:
Apply liberally to sore muscles, sprains, strains, bruises, and any other problem areas that aren’t external wounds.

Feel free to use our Timeless CBD Freeze cream at home, in the gym, at work, or anywhere else when you’re on the go! Fast-penetrating, it should sink and absorb into the skin quickly to keep the skin softer for longer and help you find relief fast at the same time.