400MG CBD Vape Cartridge

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We love how unique the formula for our CBD vape cartridges are compared to the unnatural chemical carriers common among the vape and CBD industries. Most vaporizing products are cut with PG/VG, MCT oil, hempseed oil, or another base that thins out the overall product and degrades the maximum potential of CBD’s potency.

What sets our vape cartridges apart is that they’re made from only CBD isolate and hemp terpenes. Each pen contains 400mg of CBD. These two ingredients are what makes our vape products truly count.

Each vape cartridge is designed with a standard 510 thread, pairing perfectly with our own battery packs. Because of the minimal number of ingredients, our lab results always indicate that our products are free of THC.

Get the maximum milligram potency and highest absorption rate possible when you vape with our cartridges.

Product Contains No THC