Jesse James Kosakowski


Jesse is professional MMA fighter with aspirations to become a world champion. He is an Associate Level 1 certified Jeet Kune Do instructor, and an accomplished cage competitor. At the end of his amateur career before turning to the professional scene, he was ranked #2 in New England.

Jesse began training around 4 years old, basically from the moment he learned to walk, with his father/head coach Ron Kosakowski out of Waterbury Connecticut. Jesse grew up in Prospect CT, attending Woodland Regional High-school. He trained all throughout his years at his father’s school, and each day after he got home from school would go down to the PSDTC in Waterbury, Connecticut to dedicate hours upon hours to his craft. Starting his first grappling tournament at 8 years old, his obsession with the fighting arts took off. He won his first tournament by the age of 10, and won many grappling tournaments under the North American Grappling association, among many other tournaments as well. He had a lot of experience doing kickboxing, boxing, modified rules mma matches, combat jiu jitsu, and other types of competition experience. Racking up a lot of championship gold medals, belts, swords, trophies, you name it, these competitions prepared him for his recent present day success in the cage. Jesse went 5-0 as an amateur MMA Fighter, racking up 3 titles (AKBF 155 lbs title), (Cage Wars 170 lbs title), and (Premier FC 170 lbs title) and also most recently won his professional debut for Reality Fighting at Mohegan Sun January 6th, 2018. He has finished all but one of his opponents. Jesse regularly trains at his fathers school and elsewhere, doing 2 sometimes even 3 sessions a day. Most of his conditioning and mitt work sessions are done with Robert Beamon, the sweet science with Ron Kosakowski, and often trains 2-3 times a week with Nick Newell and his gym full of fighters at FAA CT. Jesse also regularly cross trains with many gyms and local fighters throughout Connecticut, and attends seminars throughout the tri-state area.