Purple Urkle Delta 8 Infused

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Purple Urkle Delta 8 Infused Premium Hemp Flower

We took some of our finest Hemp Flower, infused it with delta 8 and glossed it in Keif. Introducing Purple Urkle! While supplies last!


CBD Content: 18.50% 

Delta 8 Content: 11.31%

STRAIN: Purple Urkle


  • Purple Urkle is a D8 Infused hemp strain that is Indica dominant. Breeders crossed Alien Sour Apple and Pebble OG to achieve a literal masterpiece that looks striking and also tastes with considerable jazz.

DELTA 8 INFUSED: Please note this product is infused with 95% delta 8 and then glossed in keif to give an extra kick. D8 has similar effects to delta 9 thc, therefore this product should not be taken lightly. It has very noticeable effects.