Signature 5272 250mg CBD Coffee

SKU 5272

#5272 250mg CBD Coffee is a game changer to how you start your mornings! A Perfectly roasted medium bodied blend with bold tasting notes.
With an ample serving of 31.25mg CBD per ounce of coffee, our 250mg #5272 blend makes for a great start to anyone’s morning. Infused carefully with a powerful CBD extract, our coffee comes in an ideal 8-ounce bag for our true caffeine fanatics.

The invigorating, rich taste of our CBD-infused coffee is an excellent way to down your cannabidiol in a format more absorbable than oil and hide the taste of natural hemp in one fell swoop. For a perfect start or even end to your day, try our CBD coffee to see if it’s the hemp product you’ve been looking for.

Proprietary Breakfast Blend Coffee, CBD-Rich Hemp Extract

Use one ounce of coffee for every 10 ounces of water and make coffee in a coffeemaker as you usually might. We recommend drinking your CBD coffee after you’ve eaten breakfast or another meal for the day, as CBD may work better on a full stomach.