Variable Voltage Pen

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Variable Voltage Battery w/ 510 Thread

The ultimate in discreet and professional vape pen products, our Timeless CBD vape pen has a concealed quick click cartridge slot to ensure the cartridge is protected and the vape oil stays safe.

Use your favorite cartridge in our portable vaporizer with a 510 thread battery that’s compatible with the majority of popular cartridges on the market. You can alternatively use our own vape cartridges, which we currently offer in 400mg strengths.

The keychain loop on the vape pen makes it easy to take on the go with you, storing around your neck or on a bag conveniently for you to use whenever you need a serving of CBD.

Ideal for any outside or active lifestyle, our vape pen has an open design that makes it easy to travel with without risking damage to your cartridge. If you’re looking for the ultimate oil vaporizer, look no further – try our vape pen today.