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CBD-Rich Hemp Flower-Top Shelf
Sometimes, you just want to enjoy CBD at its safest source – straight from the hemp plant itself. We offer legal hemp strains that contain under the 0.3% THC maximum limit and contain over 17.671% active CBD. This hemp strain, known as Wu-5, contains over 20.06% cannabinoids in total.

An Indica-dominant hybrid of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. WU-5 is an all-time favorite among the flower smokers who want a goodnight’s sleep and a supremely relaxing time. The historic cross smokes long and true with piney notes. If you have never experienced the cannabinoid entourage effect, this flower will take you there. With it’s hidden 1.5% CBC inclusion the experience will be yours to have.

Cannabinoid Content: .3% Max THC, 17.671% Max Active CBD, 20.06% Total cannabinoids